Setting up a Multi Function Printer

Multi Function Printer Set-up in Billericay

Setting up a printer is a straight forward process but it can take a while and the instructions are not always easy to follow. 

So we went to a client today in Billericay, who is very busy running their own business and just wanted the job done. We arrived and there was just a big box on a desk that needed opening.

The printer set-up and installation followed these steps:

  1. Take off all the tape from the printer 
  2. Install the printer cartridge
  3. Add some paper
  4. Connect the power cable and turn on the printer
  5. Follow the set up instructions on the printer display
  6. Go into the printer settings and select the WiFi Wizard
  7. Select the WiFi in the office and connect the printer
  8. From the Client’s computer access the internet
  9. Search for the Printer and model number with driver in the search
  10. From the search results, select the manufacturers website referencing the printer model number
  11. Select to download the full software package for the designated operating system
  12. Download this software
  13. Run the software once downloaded
  14. Select WiFi printer set up and follow the prompts shown
  15. The printer is now installed on the computer and ready to start printing
  16. A test print is completed successfully
So all these steps are straight forward to us and the job completed in about 30 minutes given the software took a while to download. It was JOB DONE AND CLIENT HAPPY.