Computer Training

You can choose training that is right for you at the time that suits you. We have split training into 3 sections below.

All our training is delivered in 3 x 1 hour sessions at a cost of £50.

Improve you computer skills

Training can be provided for:

  • Keep your computer running well
  • Backing up your data and keeping it secure
  • General set up of your computer
  • Microsoft Computer Skills
    – Excel/Word/Powerpoint/Outlook
  • Video calls on your computer
  • Removing unwanted computer software

WordPress Website Skills

Training can be provided for:

  • WordPress installation and set up
  • Installing a WordPress Theme
  • Styling your website with different fonts and colours
  • Add content and images to your website
  • Add extra functionality to you website using plugins
  • Turning your website into an eCommerce website to sell online.

iMac, Macbook,iPad Skills

Training can be provided for:

  • General use of your Apple devices
  • Upgrading the OS Operating system
  • Managing your Photo library and synchronising photos through iCloud
  • Organising your files and documents
  • Adding Microsoft office and using all Microsoft programs
  • Running a virtual Windows PC on your iMac
  • Time machine back and restore