Clearing up your Email Inbox

Clearing up your email Inbox is a good thing

Are you one of those people that just lets your email inbox build up and up with no idea how many messages you have?

There is not right or wrong with this approach but there is a benefit to keeping it under control. We are just switching the email hosting of one of our clients from to one of our servers. This is going to save our client some money and we will support any email problems at the same time helping the client.

Back on to the mail box size, and its not so much the amount of data in storage space terms but the fact there are 36,000 messages in the mail box.  This is really not good practice as it slows the synchronisation down and clutters your inbox. There will be all sorts of messages in this inbox including emails from shops with offers from over 5 years ago, spam messages that have made it into the inbox, receipts from online purchases made years ago and all sorts of other stuff.  

Why not take some time to declutter your inbox and delete unwanted items. There are always search terms you can use to filter out unwanted messages. Take Groupon as an example, you make want to see the latest deals and offers, but you may have literally thousands of Groupon emails still in your inbox. 

Make a serious attempt to declutter your inbox or if you would like us to help you then for a small charge, we would happily weed out all your unwanted messages and take care of it for you.