Delivering iPad training to an elderly gentleman

Do you feel that you do not know how to use your iPad or tablet properly?

If your answer is yes the question above, then we offer one on one tuition to help you improve and get more out of your iPad or tablet. Afterall, it is frustrating to get lost in the everyday technology and not feel confident enough to have a go. 

Currently, we are undertaking some iPad tuition for a 90 year old user. It is a remarkable story in that the elderly gentlemen is so knowledgeable about so many things but pressing different buttons on the iPad is such a struggle. On top of this, there are so many pop ups that happen about accepting cookies etc, that it is a real struggle for a user to know if they have pressed the correct link.  Then, when using the Safari browser, if the iPad is touched too gently then the screen can display something different from that expected and it can be difficult to return to the correct screen.  

On top of this, trying to change an incorrectly typed link in the url bar selects the whole link in the first instance and then as you type the whole link disappears. To a competent user this is an easy thing to correct, but as you can imagine, for an elderly user this can be very confusing and make it difficult to get the information you want.

So, we are working closely with our iPad trainee, showing him how he can navigate to different websites and doing the odd tweak her and there when the screen takes him somewhere different. However, the benefit to our client is immense and opened up a whole new world for him. I