Amazon eero 6 mesh Wi-Fi 6 router system has impressive speeds

Amazon eero 6 mesh Wi-Fi 6 router system has impressive speeds

We were approached to provide a Wi-Fi system to a sheltered housing community in Billericay by the trustees.  Their current Wi-Fi was run from an upstairs office and barely reached the downstairs living and bedroom areas.  If it did, then the connection was slow and it kept dropping out.  The broadband speed from the Wi-Fi upstairs was over 70 Mbps so was a good speed when a good connection was established. 

After a onsite visit, we could see that with the building being quite big, there needed to be some Wi-Fi connection points established in the building. We chose a Wi-Fi Mesh solution. A Mesh solution works in a way that one of the Mesh devices connects to the existing router via ethernet cable and then routes the Wi-Fi around the building connection to the other Mesh devices.

We chose the eero 6 mesh Wi-Fi system from Amazon, with one router node and three extender nodes. The router node was connected to the main router in the first floor office. The first extender was placed on the ground floor directly below the office. The other two extenders were placed approx. 15 to 20 metres away at the endpoints of two rooms. Connecting the router node and extenders was all undertaken through an mobile App. It was really so simple and a case of plugging in each device and letting the App guide the set up.

Once all the extenders were set up and connected the Wi-Fi connections were tested and speed-checks on the internet speed undertaken.  The internet speed did not waiver no matter where the connection was made to the Wi-Fi. The speed remained constantly above 70Mbps and there was no degradation of service.

This really gets a big tick from us and it is the first time we have installed this particular system. The system will support over 75 devices at any one time and works in a way that as you roam about then your connection to the closest mesh device is switched. This way you always maintain optimum speed to your device.

Its fair to say the client was very happy!