You Need to Take Advantage of Organic and Paid Facebook Advertising!


You Need to Take Advantage of Organic and Paid Facebook Advertising!

Advertising on Facebook comes in two forms, the first being paid adverts. The cost of paid adverts on Facebook depends on your target audience, budget and the length of time you wish to run your advert for.

Once you have set the demographic you wish to reach, the number of users your ad is displayed to will depend on the budget you allocate, and duration you specify your ad to run for. The second form is organic advertising.

Organic advertising is the free alternative to paid ads, with material displayed to audiences based on algorithms. Businesses can take advantage of Facebooks built in algorithms and market products and services for free.

By meeting the criteria of the algorithms the majority of content published to business Facebook pages will appear in the newsfeed of users without a fee.

Both organic and paid Facebook advertising can be equally successful in marketing services and spreading awareness of a business, but, they require different approaches to pull off.

Paid Vs Organic: Unlocking The Key to Ad Success…

The key to a successful paid advertising campaign on Facebook is to concentrate on targeting the audience you wish to reach – sounds simple?

facebook_adsOne way paid Facebook ads help you focus your business marketing efforts is through tools that allow you to pick target location, age, gender, interests, connections and many more.

These tools are specifically designed for focused marketing and to help build successful advertising campaigns, allowing businesses to choose the exact type of person they want adverts to be shown to.

As you delve deeper, the ad targeting tools on this social networking channel brake up into broad and precise targeting, allowing further differentiation between target customer groups.

For example: Choosing between people who like reading, and people who like harry potter.

An important factor to remember when using paid advertising is realistic goals. Facebook might claim to be able to reach one hundred thousand people in your local area, but you may find there are only fifty thousand people in your local area after doing your own market research.

The best way to evaluate whether or not your paid advertising through the social channel has been successful is to set your own realistic goals based on your own research.

Do not solely rely on what Facebook tells you it can achieve.

Before deciding to invest a large amount of your digital marketing budget on an advertising campaign Facebook ads (or social media in general) you should always run a small scale campaign first. Test the waters.

Check to see if you are in fact reaching the right audience and if they are interested in and engaging with your adverts…

How About Organic?

When it comes to increasing your business’s organic reach on Facebook, relevant and interesting content is the key.

You should be approaching your Facebook page with the mindset of building a community rather than selling a product.

Users want to feel like they are a part of something, not just another number in a sales chart… By posting content relevant to your business, such as self written blogs or links to articles relating to your business, you are giving your audience an insight into your company.

Creating a relationship and sharing information will encourage users to engage with your company (as long as topics are relevant to audience trends and interests), making them more likely to visit your website and buy your products.

Boosting Your Organic Reach For Maximum Impact:

Interesting content isn’t always enough. For maximum organic reach you must also consider when you are going to publish content on your Facebook page.

Getting the timing wrong may mean your company’s posts are filtered out by the newsfeed in favour of something else!

For example: Posting during peak hours will make your posts less visible than posting during non-peak hours.

To help choose the most effective times to post, you can use Facebook insights. Facebook insights is a feature that collects usage information on your current audience.

Another way to boost your pages organic reach is to post a variety of media that will grab the attention of users. There are multiple other businesses using this social media channel to market their services.

You need to stand out.

Using images with status updates is how you can successfully grab the attention of your audience and make them want to find out more. Both of these digital advertising methods have their own merits.

Paid advertising gives you a quicker, more visible boost in page views, and organic keeps users coming back to your page. However advertising alone won’t necessarily keep your users interested or active on your page for long. You need to build a relationship with them.

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