A Wired Ethernet connection beats WiFi everytime

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A Wired Ethernet connection beats WiFi everytime

A Wired Ethernet connection beats WiFi everytime

A client contacted us and wanted to know if we can run an Ethernet cable from downstairs where the fibre box is on the wall in his house to an upstairs office. The house is a fairly big with three floors and the office needs maximum throughput of internet speed for the owner’s business purposes.

So what is needed for an Ethernet cabling job:

  • External Cat5/6 cable
  • Two RJ45 Surface Mounting Boxes
  • 2 * 1 Gang RJ45 CAT5E Data Sockets
  • 2 Module Euro Data Grid Plate – Premium White
  • IDC Insertion Tool for the wiring
  • Wireless Drill
  • Extra long Drill Piece
  • Standard Drill Pieces
  • Screws and Raw Plugs
  • Box of black Cable Clips
  • Ladder

So what steps are needed for the job:

  1. 1. Identify the places where the two wall sockets are needed
  2. 2. Identify the path the cabling will take looking at places to conceal the wire where possible
  3. 3. Drill the first hole for the cable to pass through the wall from socket 1
  4. 4. Thread the cable from outside through the wall to inside
  5. 5. Secure socket to the wall where the cable is
  6. 6. Wire in the socket
  7. 7. Attach cable to outside wall using cable clips from Socket 1 to the place where the second hole will be drilled through the wall
  8. 8. Drill hole through the wall where socket 2 is required
  9. 9. Cut cable to required length and thread cable through the wall
  10. 10. Attach socket 2 to the wall
  11. 11. Wire in cable

This was the sequence of tasks that we took today. An Ethernet cable was then connected to the downstairs socket and this immediately made the upstairs socket live. The client was then able to plug his router in to the socket upstairs and have connectivity straight into his office. I suggested that a 4 port switch could be used downstairs to plug in an WiFi Access point that could be used for the garden and kitchen area. There is a great Android App called WiFi Analyser that allows signal strengths from WiFis to be monitored to see what the WiFi coverage is in the house and garden.

All in all it was a good half a days work and the client very happy at the neatness of the job and the connectivity upstairs. This really is an ideal solution for parents who have children upstairs gaming who do not have very good WiFi signal. It should also be noted that many routers do not support the number of WiFi connections that modern houses require with Phones, Tablets, TVs and gaming devices all connecting.

We can offer a number of different solutions to improve your internet and WiFi to make your life easier all round.