What’s So “Brand New” About The Galaxy S6 Edge+?


What’s So “Brand New” About The Galaxy S6 Edge+?

The newest Samsung phone has been released and comes with a wide range of new amazing features in an enjoyable range of colour options. Said to work with a wide range of innovative, wired and wireless charging accessories, it also has a new wireless charging pack. Charging on the go? Sounds good so far!


Happy Snapping!

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ front and rear cameras feature higher resolutions and F1.0 aperture, allowing you to take clearer images wherever you are.

Whether it’s dark and cloudy out or fair and sunny, you can snap away in the knowledge that every photo you take will turn out looking fantastically clear and blur-free. Including better selfies!

Additionally, the camera’s Advanced Selfie Technology assists in capturing better selfies and includes a host of incredible filters designed to accentuate your best features.

You can also capture amazing moments with friends by activating the cameras collage mode. You can shoot four video clips and combine them into one great video collage!

The Power Nap…samsung-galaxy-s6-plus-wireless-charge

Never worry about your battery again thanks to the Galaxy S6 Edge+ lightning fast charging speed. Whether you are streaming videos or playing games, cable charging is so fast that you can keep going with only a minimum of interruptions.

Go from a flat battery to full charge in just 90 minutes. You can also go wire-free! Just pop your Galaxy S6 Edge+ down for a power nap and pick it up fully charged just two hours later.

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ gives you unbeatable performance. You can love the view with the larger dual-edge display!

It lends depth to movies and breathes life into games. You can also share in real-time as celebrations are always better when you are sharing.

And, you can Livestream the fun straight from your Galaxy S6 Edge+ using the camera’s Live Broadcast function. It has a 4GB RAM and LTE Cat.9 support ensuring uninterrupted streaming.

The Video Digital Imaging Stabilisation meets Optical Image Stabilisation too, meaning you get clear and steady footage every time.

samsung-galaxy-s6-plus-caller-idMore Features:

Galaxy S6 Edge+ also includes other great features, including: being able to assign a colour and place on People Edge to five of your favourite contacts, who you can reach out too at any time.

You can also send a poke or an emoticon to your People Edge contacts!

The Sound too… when it comes to your favourite tracks, sound quality matters. Enjoy rich, balanced audio with Bluetooth audio accessories that support UHQ Audio.

Source: www.samsung.com

Overall it’s quite an impressive phone. Have you considered buying one? Let us know what you think of the new release on our Twitter or Facebook page!

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