What’s New in The World of Technology?


What’s New in The World of Technology?

What’s happening in the world of techology? Well, we’ve outlined a few recent developments and updates for you to be that little more ‘in the know’…

BT Fibre Coverage

BT have made a pledge to provide ultra fast connections of 300Mbit/sec to 500Mbits/sec to 10 million premises over the next five years. To achieve this they require the governments support for a request to get more tax payer’s money.

infinite-cover-bt-logoHowever, BT are willing to invest too. The range of 5-1-Mbits/sec will depend on how much money the government are willing to provide. The project is targeting 95% fibre coverage, and that’s expected to be achieved by 2017.

BT has repaid £130 million so far, and wants that spent on fibre coverage. If there was further funding it is assumed that it will not all go to BT but rival projects from CityFibre, TalkTalk and Sky.

Britain Achieving its Goals

In 2010, The government had set a target to have the best broadband in Europe. After they had set the goal they had tweaked it to the “big five” countries, which consists of the UK, Germany, Spain, France and Italy. According to a BT commissioned report Britain has met its goals.

However, compared to the rest of Europe the UK sit mid-table whereas Germany, Spain, France and Italy are further down the rankings.

Ad Blockers

Ad blockers are spreading from the PC platform to the Mobile world. When iOS9 was released, Apple is now allowing their users to download ad-blocker plugins for Safari.

Not long after the release the ad-blocker apps climbed all the way to the top of the charts and they have stayed there ever since. In an annual report it claims that UK ad-blocking has grown by 82% in the year before June 2015.

There are 12 million people in the UK that are using Ad-blockers. If online advertisement continues to fade behind ad-blockers then publishers are going to struggle to fund their operations. Publishers are going to have to find a solution which will most likely result in subscriptions and paywalls. For some industries people will have to pay for their content.

With ads being forced of browsers they will end up having to appear in different places. They will most likely appear more often in mobile apps.

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Apple’s Newest Releases…

Apple released the iPhone 6S that is faster with its new A9 processor which is new_apple_release_iphone_s6believed to be up to twice as fast as the A8 in the iPhone 6. Instead of increasing the battery life on the 6S to match it with its new A9 processor, they reduced it. However, it is seen that there is no significant different between the 6S battery life and the 6.
Apple also revealed the iPad Pro, which now has a bigger screen size. The 3D touch has also been implemented like it has in the 6S and also has more processing power. The iPad pro uses its bigger screen size to be able to display two apps side by side or to float on top of each other.

Apple claims that the iPad has a 10 hour battery life. The iPad pro seems to be more designed to be used on a table or a flat surface. Apple also announced a new Apple TV that will have Siri integrated in it.

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