Web Design: It’s Not That Simple…


Web Design: It’s Not That Simple…

Websites play an important part in attracting customers to your business, but the company that you ask to design your website needs more information than just “make me a website”.


Web design is a two-way street. It needs you, details of your company and direction.

Designing a website from scratch and even redesigning an existing website can take a while, often up to a month. During which communication between your business and the web design team is key.


Build a Base

Provide the web design company with as much information about your business as possible; if you are a restaurant then explain the style and theme of the restaurant, if you are a cleaning business then say what you specialise in – this will give the design team a base from which they could then start building a website. After all you are your industry expert.

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Yes, well designed websites look nice, but if there isn’t enough quality content then customers will leave soon after arriving… Not only is this bad your business (obviously) but also the design team.

When content hasn’t been provided, often, designers use paragraphs of filler text to give you (the client) an example of what the page will look like. The quality of content that will appear on your website once it’s built is down to you.

Some web design companies will offer to write the content, but you may need to offer guidance and provide direction, as it’s your business and brand. Generally, however, you will have to write the content yourself.

[Image of Product Here]

Placeholder images are often used by web design teams during the early stages of building websites (concept design and beta) but these usually come with strict copyrights and other terms and conditions, and unfortunately might not be available for your website when it goes live.

This is where any work that your business has done, in the past or currently, is most important.

If your business is a restaurant then you might want to include images of the food that’s on offer, likewise, if you are selling products then include images of the products in various scenarios – including close ups or on models.

If you’re a building company then include images of past and current builds, and if you’re a charity include images from fundraising events that have been attended.

Make the images personal and specific to your business. This will add more credibility to your website than boring, samey – or even cheesy – images found on random stock websites.

Supplying your design team with a variety of imagery will give them creative freedom and ensure your company image, brand and reputation are protected.

Higher quality images with large resolutions offer the most freedom and the best outcome, so make sure images supplied have good lighting and camera focus (not blurry or smudged).

Photoshop can only do so much to enhance images…


If you have been keeping up with the web design company and helping out as best you can then on the day of launch you won’t just have a website, but a bespoke website that’s been designed around your business ethos.

Why wouldn’t you want a website that relects your business? Get in contact if you’re a business in Basildon or Billericay and want to work with us to build your website.

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