Virtual Working is a way to focus and be more productive

Virtual Office

Virtual Working is a way to focus and be more productive

Virtual Working is a way to focus and be more productive

Have you ever thought that when you are a business owner and running your business, working in the office is full of distractions. Let alone having to make some coffees too when its your round! In this day and age working remotely is a relatively simple affair. So what do you need to work remotely or offsite. Well a good fast laptop is a good starting point, WiFi access with decent speed, access to your business folders and files and a set of passwords to get into any cloud base systems you use.

Fast Laptop

You would be better off having a laptop with a SSD as your hard drive. An SSD or solid state drive is so quick it can make even a slow top run fast. I use a Core i3 computer with 8GB of ram and a 256GB SSD. A fast laptop with power to run any programs I need and have multiple software programs open at the same time.

Fast WiFi speed for working

The WiFi at offsite locations can often be very disappointing and really not of any good speed to work in the cloud. I use my phone’s personal hotspot and make sure there is a good 4G connection where I am located. 21.55 Mbps from my phone is ample speed and with a massive 75GB data allowance a month I really can push forward working quickly and efficiently.

Access to my computer folders and files

Our business switched a while back from Dropbox to Google Drive. I was impressed with the free 15GB of storage on Google Drive and with our business calendar running from Google it made sense to have these services running under one provider rather than two separate providers. This is a secure password protected solution.

Secure Password Manager for sensitive cloud based systems

Our choice is to use LastPass as one of the leading secure online password managers. This is such an effective solution and I have been using this for over a year now. So, I need to logon to one of our online systems, I access the LastPass vault and can launch and connect to the required system. It as simple as that.

So here I am working in Brighton using the above elements and making great progress with many outstanding jobs.