SEO: How We Help Clients in Basildon


SEO: How We Help Clients in Basildon

What is the point of a website if it isn’t visible to your customers? There are two reasons why your website isn’t being viewed; your audience doesn’t know you have one or your website hasn’t been optimised for Search Engines (SEO).

What is SEO?raising_your_rank

Search Engine Optimisation is a process used to increase the visibility of a website or webpage when appearing in search engine listings.

By using SEO any business can affect where their website appears in search results.

Search engines use multiple calculations – called algorithms – to determine the importance of a website. This calculated rating is based on various conditions, and decides where each website and web page of a website appears in search engine results.

One of the most important things considered by these algorithms is relevance. How relevant is your web page and its content to the search term or phrase entered into the search engine?

Obviously people don’t want to be linked to a website that has completely irrelevant information on; therefore, it is important to keep content as relevant to the subject, product, service or topic as possible.

So, How Do You Boost Your Website Rank?

One of the ways you can boost your website rank, and obtain a higher page position in search results, is to create links between topics.

Creating links between pages on your website and other web pages or websites that are relevant to your topic will reinforce the relationship between content and search criteria and label it as useful to the audience.

Another way is to make sure your website content stays ‘fresh’. This can be done through the use of social media and a blog. Search engines use fresh content as an indication of relevance too, as it contains a more up to date time-stamp. The more ‘up to date’ the content is compared to old pages and other websites, the more ‘fresh’ the page is considered.

The Absolute Basics of SEO

It’s a good idea to add a couple of relevant links to your webpage content to help your website ‘rank’ higher. But, don’t add too many because if you have more links leading away from your website and not enough leading to it, this can negatively impact your sites search results rank.

Having links leading to your website indicates your content is of high quality and useful, and therefore, shareable.

Also, try connecting with other businesses, preferably those that are ranked higher in results pages as these back links will tell search engines your website is ‘trusted’ by more important sites.

Updating old pages will help too. Not only will it keep your website’s contents relevant, but the more you update the more ‘fresh’ your website is considered by search engines.

SEO and Businesses:

By utilising SEO and improving the position of your website can bring in more sales or at the very least because more people to browse your website and learn more about your business.


With fairly simple steps using SEO you can build a small business up into a reputable, trusted, and well-acknowledged business.

The tips and tricks for improving your website rank in search engine results are all things that you can do yourself. However, some of the conditions used by search engine algorithms require a techie expert.

If you’re a business looking to improve the visibility of your website, contact us for your free SEO analysis. We’ll get one of our experts to recommend the best approach to raise your rank.

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