Round Robin Meeting- 18th October

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Round Robin Meeting- 18th October

On the 18th October our monthly Stock Round Robin meeting took place at the Harvard Inn. Kicking off the meeting was Vernon promoting a new business networking group in Southend, Omni Local Business Networking. Vernon described this new networking group as an unpressurised place to meet likeminded business people. Show your support by attending a meeting, a cooked breakfast will be included! In his day job Vernon works as a hypnotherapist, guaranteeing results to help improve your lifestyle as a whole, this can be anything from weight loss, phobias and anxiety / depression. Vernon even gave us the opportunity to try his healthy teas and coffee’s, showing that small changes to your diet can drastically improve your life as a whole! Some fantastic input throughout the meeting from Vernon and be sure to check out ‘Omni Local Networking’ as well as Vernon’s personal website, .

Justin Walton, another attendee of our meeting had a new, interesting networking group to share. ‘The Squash Club’ is a club that offers a new twist on marketing groups. Combining squash and networking offers a completely new opportunity to enjoy a friendly game of squash as well as discussing and sharing ideas in a friendly and fun environment. The Squash Club is designed for players at any ability so don’t be afraid to give it a try! For more details visit, . As well as sharing details about ‘The Squash Club’, Justin also discussed his job as a tax adviser, providing services for local businesses. Justin set up his company PLS Tax Solutions in July 2015, offering a professional and local service. Visit Justin’s personal website for more details, .

Jeannie Nash, systematic kinesiologist and founder of ‘Nordic Walking Essex’ had some great inputs in the meeting. Jeannie discussed how the slow season can affect business, which led onto a great discussion on ways to promote her business, such as the use of social media in order to reach a wider audience. Jeannie offers to businesses which are created to help improve mental and physical health conditions. Kinesiology is a health care system which is used to identify the root cause of health problems, by knowing exactly what the problem is Jeannie can assist you with the healing process to restore your health and well-being. Nordic Walking Essex is a local group created by Jeannie, designed to be a fun and sociable way to keep fit, suitable for any age and fitness level! For more information on Jeannie’s work please visit .

Danielle Balcombe, founder of Round Robin, alongside Paul Alexander, and owner of Essexy Hair discussed the challenges of taking on clients outside of her local area and the positive and negatives of networking groups. Danielle found that after visiting various other networking groups in different areas did not benefit her business as she found that local and regular clients suit her company. Danielle is a local and friendly hairdresser who offers a mobile service. Essexy hair offers many different services and will guarantee to leave you feeling amazing with your new hair! Visit for more information!

Following Danielle, Olivia Lawrence, a new employee of Paul Alexander spoke about her previous studies at college and how that led her to working for Billericay IT. Although Olivia is a new employee she discussed her passion for working alongside small businesses as well as helping to promote their social media. Olivia is currently working on our new Round Robin twitter account, alongside Elle, and looks forward to the new skills she will receive at Billericay IT. Check out the Round Robin Twitter and give us a follow, .


Employee of Billericay Web Services, Elle Rogers, discussed her recent experiences with learning about networking local businesses. Elle works as a web developer and therefore see’s the importance of creating a professional, interesting and unique website in order to represent the business in the best way possible. Elle has recently created a new business idea, ‘Essex Wedding Hub’, which is set up to promote local businesses that include a service relating to weddings. Whilst working on this project, Elle has felt as though she has learnt the importance of marketing small, local businesses. Another recent project for Elle was to create a new restaurant for Pasha Restaurant Lounge. Show Elle your support by sharing The Essex Wedding Hub and the new Pasha website’s! .

One of our regular attendees Richard, discussed how his business has been expanding in the past few months. By offering self-defence classes, Richard’s business is suitable for all ages and abilities. ‘Combat Academy’ teaches valuable life lessons set up to protect yourself, all whilst having some fun and staying active! In our meeting, Richard discussed his personal experiences with bullying as well as children he has worked with who have found themselves being bullied, self-defence offers a confidence boost for these children as well as ensuring they are able to protect themselves if necessary. Richard will be joining The Essex Wedding Hub to help promote ‘Combat Academy’ for hen- dos and stag-dos. This will be something completely unique, fun and memorable! Visit for more details.

Mark Pond, professional photographer, discussed his recent business ventures and promoted his exhibition being released in London. Mark explained in the meeting his passion for architectural and landscape photography and gave examples of his preferred clients. Mark’s exhibition will be taking place on the 2nd October 2017 at The Cello Factory, 33-34 Cornwall Road, 8TJ. Show your support and attend Mark’s exhibition, for more details on ‘Ponsaramic’, visit, .

Thank you everyone for some fantastic input and ideas at this month’s Round Robin meeting, look forward to seeing you all again very soon!