On-Site & Remote Support

On-Site & Remote Support

Our Support Options

We offer a variety of support options for remote support customers, which include:

Ad-Hoc Support

Our pay as you go solution, which can be used on any of our services

Pre-Paid Support

Buy a block of hours in advance, which can be used against any of our services

Monthly Support

A lower alternative, where you pay a monthly fee covering a number of different computer equipment

On-Site Computer Support

If you’re looking for IT support and require on-site computer support, then look no further. We can manage your IT needs by providing support as and when you need it, within the Billericay, Basildon, and surrounding areas of Essex.

Our on-site computer support service allows you to contact us when you are in need of computer support, and if we optionally cannot resolve the issue quickly via remote tools we will provide on-site assistance. On-site support issues generally cover more hardware-related issues, such as printers, scanners, internet or network connectivity, or even computers that do not turn on.

Remote Computer Support

We recognise that each client is different, with different IT support requirements – some even prefer remote computer support as opposed to on-site computer support. If on-site support is required, then that is no problem – we cover the Billericay, Basildon, and surrounding areas of Essex.

Our remote computer support service allows you to contact us when you are in need of computer support, and we can remotely connect to your computer to address an issue that you may have. Issues are generally more software based, rather than hardware based, such as adding a new printer to your list of printers, troubleshooting, configuring email accounts, installing software, and so forth.

Ad-Hoc Computer Support

If you prefer to control your computer support spending, then look no further than our ad-hoc computer support service, where you simply pay as you go. If you’re instead looking to control your computer support spend, we recommend either our pre-paid support or even our monthly support option.

We generally find that our ad-hoc computer support option is more popular for those whom require on-site support occasionally.

Pre-Paid Computer Support

Our pre-paid computer support service allows you to receive discounted computer support when you have pre-paid for our service and can be applied against remote support, on-site support, or our other services.

Computer support is provided at an agreed amount of blocks of hours. Pre-paid support hours have the added benefit of not expiring, so you can simply use your hours, and then we deduct the hours used against the time bank.

Monthly Computer Support

Our monthly computer support service is ideal for businesses whom would like to control their monthly computer support spend, whilst still getting support that they require. We understand that each customer has different computer support needs, for example, some customers may want to be support outside the usual ‘office hours’ times that most IT support companies offer.

The monthly computer support option provides unlimited support for you, your organisation or business for a fixed monthly fee. This enables you to have peace of mind knowing that help is never far away. This service is backed by our Support Level Agreement, outlining what you can expect and receive from the service.

Unlike other computer support companies, our monthly computer support option includes on-site visits as standard. You also have the added flexibility of receiving support outside of the agreed Service Level Agreement at a discount hourly rate.