New Site: BNI Billericay

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New Site: BNI Billericay

Our involvement with the local BNI chapter for Billericay has involved us in putting together a website for the chapter. The design is quite modern providing all the valuable information that the BNI wishes to share quickly.

From the visitor’s initial arrival on the website, visitors can quickly tell where the chapter meets and when from the sidebar, just so you know – the meetings are currently held every Tuesday morning between 6:45am and 8:30am at Greenwoods Hotel and Spa. Blog entries are also prominent on the side bar as well as social media links so members can follow the latest happening at BNI Billericay. Furthermore, we have placed a member spotlight in the sidebar so that each member is randomly selected linking to their profile where visitors can find further information about that particular member.

We are quite proud of the website, especially since we turned the site around from concept to being live within 48 hours due to the urgency that was required! Fellow chapter members were impressed with the quick turn-around time, which has already lead to some additional new business.

If you are interested in BNI Billericay or our web design services, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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