Network Support

Network Support

The IT network of your business is a vital part of your infrastructure, just like you wouldn’t leave your pipes to rust, you shouldn’t neglect the stability of your network. Our services will ensure your network remains up to date and in good condition, and we can also provide a low-cost method to upgrade the hardware running your network as well.

Network Cabling & Installation

We are experienced at offering network and data cabling with customers in Billericay, Basildon, and surrounding areas in Essex. Whether you’re looking to expand your wired Ethernet network, adding additional access points, or looking to add wireless access points – this is all possible.

We have the experience of installing structured networks within offices, factories, and home environments – using a combination of both data and voice services.

Taking Advantage of Cat6 for Additional Speed

If you have an existing network that was installed several years ago, it is likely to be using old Cat5E technology. Cat6 is much faster than Cat5E – so transferring data across your network will take considerably less time. Likewise, if you’re adding additional points to your network, renewing your network with Cat6 will lower any congestion that may be appearing on your network.