LVB Packaging Computer Supply & Installation


LVB Packaging Computer Supply & Installation


LVB Packaging Limited have just set up a new factory in Basildon specialising in the manufacturer of corrugated and correx cartons and expanded Polystyrene Packaging Products. LVB use the latest technology available to mass produce their goods and this gives them a significant advantage over many of their competitors in pricing terms and speed of processing.


Billericay IT was contacted by the LVB owner, Lalji Bhudia, enquiring about local computer services and the need for specific hardware that would be needed to drive his machinery. Lalji had vast experience in the industry from running a similar company previously and knew exactly what hardware and network set up he wanted. Billericay IT were able to work alongside LVB in partnership and translate LVB requirements easily and recommend a working solution for LVB.

Billericay IT supplied 13 Dell machines including a server and an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). The installation of the machines was seamless and fitted in with the timetable of LVB. The server set up and configuration was undertaken by our specialist network engineers adding some Group Policy settings, installing printers, adding user accounts, partitioning drives and adding permissions.


The project was managed carefully from start to finish with Lalji and our Managing Director Paul Alexander co-ordinating activities and LVB packaging officially opened for business on 31st May 2014 with a Grand Opening event at LVB’s premises. A large audience was given a working demonstration of many of the machines and it was fascinating to watch showing LVB’s organisational strengths. LVB have also hosted delegations from different European countries including Poland and Germany and other visitors from further afield are already scheduled.

Billericay IT are continuing to support LVB and Billericay IT’s computer expertise and first class consultation services will compliment LVB ‘s goals and ambitions. Orders are already being pushed through the production line at LVB and it is great to hear the machinery in operation.

Below are pictures taken from the exhibiton:





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