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Local Computer Support in Basildon and Billericay

synology nas box

We have some fabulous clients we look after in Basildon providing them Computer and IT Support and we cannot do enough for them at times. One particular client has recently been using us a lot as we help them with different improvements in their busy office.  Some of the improvements are fairly simple and good practices but they are not so obvious to a business sometimes.

Keeping data stored centrally on a NAS Box is a great benefit and these devices are reasonably priced too for the functionality they provide.  The NAS Box can have different access rights for different users so is great for keeping data segregated between the management and staff, for example.  We have installed a number of these devices and they also have twin drives, if needed to ensure that if one drive fails a backup drive continues without loss of use and data.  To make it a belt and braces solution an online backup is a good idea too, so there is extra security should anything happen to the NAS Box.

This solution takes a couple of hours to set up and get the data in place and copied to the NAS Box along with the permissions so is a viable option for all businesses looking to be more robust and enhancing their business continuity potential.

Look at a eBuyer or Amazon for a device or we can source one for you at no extra cost.  Call us on 01277 552255 for more information and book a free 1 hour consultation too.

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