IT Upgrades

IT Upgrades

Computer Upgrades

Whether you’re boosting your existing computer’s performance, or migrating to a new one, for yourself or your business – we can help you. Our computer upgrade service looks at improving the performance of your desktop computer.

Our team will take some time to discuss with you your options, and make suggestions on a number of upgrades such as increasing the amount of RAM (memory), use a Solid State Drive (SSD) as opposed to a hard drive, or even changing the processor or graphics card.

We can supply and fit new components onto your computer system, and will keep all of your important files safe and secure – by backing them up before any computer upgrade, installation or data transfer takes place.

HDD to SSD Upgrades

If you’re still using a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) in your computer, it can seriously hamper your speeds due to its slow load speed. Upgrading it to a Solid State Drive (SSD) can vastly increase your machines performance, from speeding up your boot time to how quickly your programs and files open. The cost of SSDs has dropped significantly as of late and now is the perfect time to upgrade your computer. Our team can help find the right SSD for you, taking into consideration the amount of data you use, install your new SSD and even transfer all your old file and programs to your new SSD.

Laptop Upgrades

Laptops are not as easy to upgrade as a desktop computer, however, it is possible to swap components – such as upgrading the RAM and changing the hard drive to a solid state drive. Both of these will help make your laptop run even faster than before.

Self Installation

If you’re confident in performing an upgrade or installing components on your own laptop, you can purchase new or secondary supplies from us. We can supply you with the equipment you need for self-installation that’s within your budget, and advise you on compatibility issues and upgrades.

Don’t Have the Time or Knowledge in Upgrades?

We can do all the technical work for you. We offer laptop upgrades, which can boost the performance of your laptop. Depending on the make and model of your laptop, we can offer:

  • Software upgrades (Windows and Mac)
  • Processor upgrades – speed up your system
  • Memory upgrades – boost your laptops overall performance
  • Driver upgrades

You can bring your laptop to us, or we can collect it from your house and drop it back off – free of charge.