Is Windows 10 Right For Businesses?


Is Windows 10 Right For Businesses?

We’ve integrated the new Microsoft operating system (OS) into our working environment by updating a few of our office computers to Windows 10!

In October last year Microsoft announced they were skipping Windows 9 and going straight to windows 10. To follow, they announced upgrading to their new OS wouldn’t cost anything as it will be available to download for free to anyone running Windows 7 or 8.

If you haven’t yet updated to the free version of Windows 10 you can read about the features of the OS here.

Importance of Software Integration

When updating office computers with software, it’s important the process is done gradually. Gradual upgrading of operating systems and software ensures – if anything was to go wrong – that business operations can still be fulfilled.

Gradual integration also allows for adaptation of business processes. With new software comes a selection of new and potentially more useful features. It takes time to understand, learn and incorporate these features into workflow.

Upgrading your OS is essential in keeping up to date with the newest features and system updates such as security which has been improved using Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport with the aim of moving away from passwords completely.

Another benefit of upgrading your computer systems with Windows 10 is its usability. Everyone that has used Windows 7 should feel instantly comfortable with the return of the Start menu and be impressed by improvements made to the core of the operating system, as its faster and smoother than previous versions.

With Windows 10 being Microsoft’s last version of Windows, there will no longer be start-menu-windows-10-desktopthe need to buy a new version every few years – Microsoft will keep rolling out updates for Windows 10 frequently to make sure that the operating system works perfectly with new devices, new software and to fix any issues that arise.

All these new features are impressive and Windows 10 offers a lot for both home and enterprise users, but like all new software it requires installation and maintenance. If you want to upgrade your network to Windows 10 but are not sure how – then contact us.

Integrating Windows 10 into Your Office and Business Systems…

Our excellent technicians can install the new operating system for you and make sure that your existing network is compatible with Windows 10. This includes the installation of new software updating old software to work with your new operating system.

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