Improve your Wifi with better equipment


Improve your Wifi with better equipment

We have recently had some customers kn Billericay looking to solve WiFi problems giving slow broadband connection speeds and overall poor performance. In some instances the WiFi connection totally drops and this can be frustrating when you are in the middle of something. If you have kids playing xBox, PS4, Computer Games then losing their connection can be particularly frustrating when they are often in a team game that is fast moving. By the time they have reconnected and logged back on a game is often lost.

The reason behind poor WiFi is not just related to distance from the WiFi but associated to the fact that too many devices are connected to a low specification main router that is just not built for multi device connection. In fact, many of the home routers are not sophisticated enough to cope with the demands of a modern home.

For example, there may be 4 or 5 phones, a couple of tablets, two televisions, heating system, door bell system, CCTV detectors, a couple of game consoles, a computer and a laptop or a combination of these. Maybe 15 to 20 devices all connecting at the same time. Well, the low to mid specification router is simply not designed for this sort of set up.

So one answer is to install a device designed to handle many WiFi connections as the same time with ease. This can have a dramatic effect on the broadband speed for all the WiFi connected devices. The devices we have been supplying and fitting are manufactured by Ubiquiti. The full range can be purchased fro Broadband Buyer.

The Models include:
Ubiquiti UAP-AC-PRO UniFi AC1750 WiFi PoE Access Point, Indoor/Outdoor, Simultaneous Dual-Band (1750Mbps AC) which was there best seller in 2017

Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LITE UniFi GEN2 AC1200 Simultaneous Dual-Band WiFi PoE Access Point (1200Mbps AC)

Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LR UniFi Long Range AC1300 Simultaneous Dual-Band WiFi PoE Access Point (1300Mbps AC)

If you want any advice on which one will suit your requirements call us on 01277 55225. There is a fixed fitting charge of £75.00 which covers delivery, set up and installation plus 2 months support after installation.

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Among their most popular products is the Ubiquiti UniFi APs (Access Points), which has become very popular for not only businesses, but also home users who have become tired of overpaying for top end consumer Wi-Fi routers that seem to never work.