Hosted Desktops are Your Safe Passage to a New Way of Working


Hosted Desktops are Your Safe Passage to a New Way of Working

With using a hosted desktop comes various benefits; could our hosted desktop service be the perfect way to improve your business?

A hosted desktop allows your employees to remotely connect to their work desktop from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection available (even 3G).

Contrary to belief, running a hosted virtual desktop requires a low internet connection. This is because processes and processing of data doesn’t need to be sent via the internet. The only processes that are transmitted over the internet are screen images, mouse movements and keystrokes. Working similarly to cloud storage, we like to think of it as cloud computing…

Benefits of Cloud Computing

virtual_desktops_and_cloud_computingOne of the biggest benefits of using a hosted desktop is security. All data is stored on a highly secure and resilient remote server, meaning there is almost zero chance of any data loss. If data loss should occur (but we’re confident it won’t) then a secondary server that backs up the main server allows data to be recovered.

There are many other benefits for companies, which include accessing the virtual desktop across many devices and a redundant need for in-house IT support – there’s lesser IT to manage, simply connect and work.

Virtual desktops also help lower costs of running an office. With no server to run locally and the ability to run the hosted desktop from lower spec PCs, businesses are saving space and money on equipment and electricity.

One other benefit – a small but often appreciated security feature of using a hosted desktop – is that there is a full-audit trail of everything that is done on the server. So you are aware of who has uploaded or downloaded what and when.

The only thing that requires the use of a local computer is graphically intensive tasks that require programs such as AutoCAD and Photoshop. Hosted desktops easily support these programs with all locally stored work being backed up each night.

This is a versatile IT solution that can cater for the needs of any size business. Whether you have 5 or 500 employees, this service gives you and your employees working flexibility and access to over 150 programs such as Microsoft Office and Sage.

Hosted desktops provide everything a business needs. For more information about this solution for businesses please do not hesitate to contact us.

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