First Impressions of Working Life


First Impressions of Working Life

Over the past few months we have helped more people experience employment. And, hopefully, encouraged them to have confidence in their own ability, inspired them to try something new or motivated them to continue with their preferred career path. This article features first impressions from our most recent candidates and their career ambitions.

University Aspirant: Jaime

My name is Jaime-Leigh. I am 19 years old. After finishing my A-Levels I decided to take a year out before possibly going off to University. This meant I was left to find employment. I ended up with a small part-time job in a Customer Facing Role over the busy Christmas period, but this was only temporary, so I was soon left looking for employment again.

I have also already had a lot of work experiences in a range of different settings – apart from in a small office environment.

After discussing this work experience with my work coach at the Job Centre, I agreed that it would be good for me to get some work experience in an office. My work coach then referred me over to Paul at Billericay IT.

Paul quickly got in touch and we arranged to meet. Just from the first meeting and hearing all about Billericay IT, I was excited to learn more and looked forward to starting. I have always been able to use computers quite well but I am looking forward to learning new things about different programs, seeing what goes into creating websites and all what happens, first hand, behind the scenes!

After my first day I could already tell that Billericay IT is a welcoming, relaxing and friendly environment to work in and gain some valuable experience. I can’t wait for the rest of my time here and the people are all lovely!

work_xp_goalsFurture IT Expert: George

My name is George, I’m 19 years old and currently unsure of where I’d like to go career wise but I have always held a great interest in IT from a young age. At previous Work Experience placements I’ve done, I’ve enjoyed the environments found with office jobs so a combination of the two seemed like a worthwhile idea, and may hopefully introduce me to or expand on existing interest in aspects of IT work that I would be eager to pursue a career in.

In my own time, I spend a lot of time gaming, both on console and PC as well as any kind of genre really. I also watch the odd Twitch streamer and keep an eye on indie game developer Kickstarter projects, which have produced some of my favourite pastimes in their boom over the last year or two. This love for gaming has slowly carried over to the developmental side of it as I’ve learned about it here and there. I have very little experience with coding as it stands, mainly little tips picked up from friends on social networking sites, but would love to work on this and turn it into a skill, whether it’s used in gaming or website design or wherever it could be used.

From my meeting with Paul beforehand, I could tell that Billericay IT would be a comfortable, enjoyable and relaxed setting but also one that would be very diligent and hardworking and first impressions upon walking into the office matched up to the expectations. I hope that from this work experience, I can improve my understanding of IT, both the parts I was aware of and the parts I weren’t, as well as spend time in a professional work environment and learn the workings and dynamics of an office. I’m looking forward to the weeks to come here and am sure it will be an engaging and fun experience.

The Budding Actress: Jamielee

I’ve started my work experience for Billericay IT and as I will be here for a couple of months, I hope to gain many skills, and expand the ones I already have. I am already capable of the normal day to day office tasks such as: typing, filling, photocopying etc. But for me this isn’t enough. I want to challenge myself and be able to explore skill that I didn’t even know I have. This may include different editing software’s, my writing skills, logo design, talking to customers face to face & over the telephone. Overall just have a better understanding of the IT and Billericay IT as a company, so I can always move forward.

First impressions are good. Everyone’s warm and welcoming, so I can see myself getting along okay here. Although I was actually 10 minutes late as I got lost trying to find the building I hope to redeem myself over the next couple of months. I am looking for a career that suits me, to go along side my acting. I have tried telesales, retail, waitressing and even being a ride host. But what I found is that I quite like the office environment, and as I like to be organised and keep busy, I can see myself liking it very much here.

I feel lucky to have found Billericay IT, as I have been unemployed for 6 months now, so I decided it was time to sign on for JSA. After just one interview with my one-to-one coach Gill, she referred me to Paul. Paul was very fast on getting back to me; I had an interview booked for the very next day. I knew then that my luck may start to change. After a very nice chat with Paul I decided to give it a go, so we agreed that I start on Monday, so here I am. Here’s to the next few months.

Our work experience program is open to everyone regardless of age. If you’re from Basildon, Billericay, Southend or surrounding area’s you could be eligible for our program. Contact us to find out more about work experience with us.

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