Collaborative working is worth its weight in Gold

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Collaborative working is worth its weight in Gold

You sometimes come across genuine people that you know you are going to work well with you, as they share the same values as you and believe that looking after customers properly is the number one priority.

idigitaldream Rick’s business focuses very much on social media and the platforms within this arena such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. One of our customers, that sells a great product called Supermend (A fabric bonding powder) put an add out for someone to help with her social media. We have been helping her on the website front through Billericay Web Services and supporting her as well though some computer training at her home to give her skills a boost.

Rick has started to increase her engagement in Social Media, targeting the exact  customer base that her product appeals to.  This is not  a new marketing approach, but the obvious is often overlooked and a digital marketing strategist such as Rick, hones in very quickly to the target market and delivers great messages and posts for engagement.

The collaboration comes in where Rick recommends some change to the Supermend Website, to compliment the social media strategy and we are on hand to push these changes through and we work in tandem. The customer benefits with this approach as two specialists have combined their thinking.  Do you ever watch Dragon’s Den where two Dragon’s team up to help some pitching their business?