Christmas Shopping: Is Your Website Ready?


Christmas Shopping: Is Your Website Ready?

Every year Christmas provides great profit-making potential for businesses across multiple industries. And, businesses that enable their customers to order and buy online via their ecommerce website are likely to see more profit during this lucrative season than those that don’t.

Why do businesses with ecommerce websites generate more profit during Christmas?

Because online shopping is convenient.

A business that provides convenience for its customers, especially during such a busy time of the year, is of course going to profit more than those that do not.

Why would you leave the comfort of your home to visit a shop when you can buy exactly what you’re looking for online via a mobile device with your slippers on?


Each year more and more people are shopping online using their mobiles – nearly half (40%) of all Christmas shopping was done online last year.

Preparing for Christmas Sales

As an online retailer you need to prepare your website for both online shopping and mobile shopping to make sure valuable sales are not missed. To do this you need to implement the perfect strategy.

Think About The User Experience

First things first. You need to ensure the process of making a purchase from your online shop is easy. Keeping the entire check out process simple will create a super smooth experience for your users (it will also reduce the number of bounces and abandoned carts).

Typical Christmas shoppers will not have the patience to deal with bugs. To help eliminate potential frustrations, it’s extremely important the purchase process is checked too; before your customers experience them.

The whole process also needs to be checked on mobile. This is because, as mentioned before, shoppers are increasingly turning to mobiles and tablets for their holiday shopping.

Both a responsive site and a good mobile shopping experience are vital to avoid missing out on potential sales.

Plan Marketing and Special Offers in Advance…

There will be no time to plan promotions or marketing campaigns once Christmas orders come rolling in. You need to work out your approach now, and get the content assets ready in advance!

Decide on offers
What offers will you be running during the Christmas period? You need to decide in advance so as you can plan promotion campaigns using social media and email marketing.

Here’s some questions to help:

  • Will you run post-Christmas sales? If yes, plan for and decide when to start them
  • Will you offer upgraded delivery to coincide with the ‘last Christmas delivery’ dates?
  • Will you offer e-gift cards for shoppers who miss the last delivery date?

Plan your campaigns
Come up with special activities that will run during the Christmas period.

Ideas for marketing campaigns:

  • Competitions – providing incentives to visit your shop
  • Gift guides – offering advice on gift ideas
  • Advent calendars – fun activities with daily rewards

Create and use various types of marketing content
Vary the content you use to encourage Christmas sales, and make sure you have the content ready to use in advance. The types of content you could create include:

  • Emails
  • Advertising banners – for your site and others
  • Paid search advertising – PPC or remarketing during the Christmas period
  • Blog articles
  • Social media content for all channels

Cover Out of Office Social Media Service

Social media doesn’t stop. If you choose to utilise this platform to market your Christmas offers then you need to plan ‘out of office’ social media coverage.

Make sure there is someone responsible for monitoring your channels during out of office hours and plan for a social media crisis situation in advance!

Update Content For Christmas

You need to ensure your delivery information and return policy are easy to find and easy to understand.

Particularly over the Christmas period, potential purchasers will be super conscious of delivery times and returns policies.

Be sure to advertise last shipping dates on your ecommerce site to avoid customers leaving it to late to order.5_quick_tips_to_ecommerce_success

5 Quick Tips to Prepare Your eCommerce Website For Christmas

To make sure your business is providing an extremely smooth shopping experience and meeting customer needs this Christmas, we’ve came up with 5 quick tips to ecommerce success.

  1. Implement an email campaign – encourage purchases and reconnect with your customers by informing them of special offers available during the Christmas period. Ensure your email campaign is mobile friendly, the content is clear and eye-catching, and you have a powerful marketing tool.
  2. Use social media – social media is a very influential platform for customers. It makes communication and building relationships between you and your customers easy.In the run up to Christmas, you make want to consider running a social media campaign across your businesses social channels (e.g Twitter & Facebook) to help understand which services or products get the most interest from your audience, and tailor discounts to provide the most profit for your business.
  3. Consider mobile shopping – Is your ecommerce shop mobile friendly? Over 60% of consumers say they wouldn’t engage with a site if it doesn’t look right or isn’t compatible with their mobile phones and tablets (mobile devices). You will lose sales this Christmas if your website isn’t optimised for mobile devices – it’s going to be slow, hard to navigate, and potentially confusing for your customers.Find out if your ecommerce site is compatible with mobile devices using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test
  4. Remember January and February – renowned as the slowest months for sales, January and February shouldn’t be forgotten. Utilise the Christmas rush to upsell these months and prepare your business for the aftermath of Christmas.You can reward December’s customers with January discounts. Simple, yet effective, this will encourage customers and users of your shop to return. Preparing in advance is essential if you want to reap the benefits of the Christmas rush.
  5. Spruce up your website’s design – nothing screams ‘buy your Christmas gifts’ like a festive design. Mixing up your design is a great way to promote services and special offers. Adopting the colours associated with Christmas (greens, golds and reds) will let your shoppers know you’re ready to meet their shopping needs.Consider creating a dedicated area on your website for your gift section; improving visibility of best sellers, gifts and special offers, whilst supporting the usability of your site without isolating customers who don’t celebrate Christmas.

Hopefully, we have successfully outlined how to preparing your site for Christmas and our 5 quick tips to ecommerce success have sparked ideas for your Christmas and new year marketing.

Now, Get Ready For Next Year

Once your business has seen sales soar – thanks to our online selling tips – it’s time to start planning your content marketing and SEO for maximum impact next Christmas.

If you’re a business looking for guidance, advice, ecommerce management or marketing services, get in touch.

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