Can One Anti-Virus Protect Your Business and Home?


Can One Anti-Virus Protect Your Business and Home?

When running a business you want your employees, equipment and customers to be safe, so you attach locks to doors, install CCTV to monitor the premises and fit alarms to notify the authorities of a potential break-in.

But what about the computers in your business?

Sometimes anti-virus protection doesn’t identify hidden malware and viruses – after all, it only takes one person to open an attachment from a strange email to infect all the computers on your network.

At Billericay IT we highly recommend using ESET Antivirus, Internet security & Virus protection.eset-logo

ESET is a collection of security options aimed at businesses, governments and consumers, who specialize in technology that predicts emerging viruses and develop effective defences before they do any damage to your computer system.eset_products

ESET does more than just protect your computer network from viruses; it offers a range of solutions to assist businesses.

Endpoint Security

More than just Anti-virus software, Endpoint offers for protection across Windows, Mac, Android and Linux devices, with the addition of Cloud-powered scanning to keep your network clean.

Mobile Security for Business

Protects business and personal devices from threats such as malware, worms, Trojans and offers anti-theft features that can be controlled using ESET Remote Administrator.

Remote IT Security Management

Included in ESET Endpoint software, Remote IT Security allows your IT Staff to oversee your entire network from a single console.

The web-based management lets you handle security events, update signature databases, run reports and enforce consistent security policies from where ever there’s and internet connection.

Two Factor Authentication Security

Software based two-factor authentication system that helps protect against data breaches due to compromised passwords.

File Sever Security for Business

Employing multiple layers of protection that do not interfere with server uptime and availability. This service uses advanced heuristics technology to stop any newly released malware that keeps your business safe before new signatures are available.

Mail Server Security for Business

Protects and eliminates all types of email borne threats and unsolicited email, and filters harmful content away at the server level before it can do any damage.

Gateway Server Security for Business

Offering layered security that even sophisticated attacks can’t penetrate. ESETs advanced detection shields block known and emerging threats to protect networks, user and endpoint 24/7.

Data Encryption Software

ESET help companies everywhere handle and share private data among authorized users whilst still meeting standards for SOX, GLBA, PCI-DSS and more.

Online Backup & Data Recovery Software

StorageCraft offers a suite of software and service that helps you recover anytime, anywhere and from any situation. It helps protect your Windows system, applications and data from any disruptions, large or small.

Collaboration Security for Business

ESET Security offers more solutions for teamwork and businesses, with incorporation with Microsoft SharePoint server. Manage content and portals, collaborate internally, and share files with partners or remote employees without worrying about malware or disruptions.eset_solutions

ESET offer multiple solutions for your business that come in 4 different packages.

Starting at Endpoint protection standard and moving on to ESET Secure Enterprise, the standard protection gives your business access to Endpoint antivirus, file security, mobile security, and remote administrator solutions.

Endpoint protection advanced offers the same protection as standard but you also gain access to Endpoint security.

ESET Secure Business adds Mail Security on top of the previous packages, and the final solution; Secure Enterprise offers the whole list of solutions including Gateway security.

Pricing for these packages does, of course, vary depending on the solutions that you feel your business needs.

If you’re not sure about the range of different products to choose from, then our trained engineers can assist in picking the best solution by assessing your current computer network infrastructure and then going through the possible outcomes.

ESET is available on Windows, Mac, Linux and even Android.

If you are a new user to ESET and you purchase ESET Security suite through Billericay IT, you get an extended licence of 25% for the first year as well as guidance from us. Contact us if you’re interested in ESET Antivirus.

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