Boost your Broadband Speed through a 4G Router

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Boost your Broadband Speed through a 4G Router

4G Download SpeedHow can a business cope with a slow broadband connection and when we talk about slow, we are talking about 0.5 Mbits download.  Yes, this is a connection speed from the dark ages of dial-up broadband for those who remember this.

Well, the slow speed is no more thanks to 4G technology. We have just set up a TP-Link router that has a slot for a sim card to be inserted.  This then enables the router to be used to connect via 4G and then feed the broadband to the workstations in their office. Simple and effective and of course, there are data restrictions in place, but with a good contract there is 50GB data a month available.  Whether this is sufficient will be subject to testing and monitoring. However, we are now seeing speeds of 12 Mbits down and 2.5 Mbits  up.  A huge increase on the previous speeds and at last there a sense that the office is starting to function quicker.

TP Link MR6400 RouterThe monthly cost of the SIM card contract is also something to take into consideration and if you shop around you can some good deals. It is also important to take into consideration which service provider gives the best coverage at your location.  in this instance, a Vodafone SIM card has been used but EE SIM cards also provide good coverage at this location.  Others would need testing.

If you are experiencing slow broadband speeds then contact us and we can test your 4G connections speeds and assess your data requirements. Call us on 01277 552255.