Barleylands Essex Military Show


Barleylands Essex Military Show

Billericay IT Solutions designed and developed the website for the Essex Military Support Association (EMSA) working closely alongside Dan Rodgers in the process.


EMSA’s website received large spikes in the amount of traffic visiting in the run up of the event and during with no impact to the quality of the hosting service. Thousands of visitors to the website included people from France, US, Norway and Australia – all able to view the webpage content without a hitch!

It was therefore no surprise to see a great event this weekend at Barleylands organised by the EMSA. In fact, it is the largest military event in Essex and has been for 30 years with air displays from the famous Spitfire and Hurricane aircrafts.

The Great War Display Team brought all 9 of their aircraft to display making Barleylands Essex Military Show one of the only 6 events in the UK (2014) to see this.

The Gnat Display Team based locally at North Weald also attended the event and brought the South Essex Armed Forces Day their first 3 ship display in Europe for over 12 years!

Activities on the ground included Army and Fire Service demonstrations, motorbike displays, dog and gymnastic displays, military bands and some fantastic stage acts. The fun continued with Great War and Second World War re-enactment groups, and one of the largest ever public gatherings of British forces to meet funfair. This event helped commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War and 50 years of The Red Arrows.

The Folland Gnat first took flight in 1955 and was originally used in the UK for training purposes and was picked for the British Yellowjacks aerobatic team in 1964. In 1965 a team was formed, the jets painted red and “The Red Arrows” was born. During the 1960s and 1970s this jet was used extensively by the No. 4 FTS at RAF Valley and had its first Gnat course completed on the 24th November 1979. This aircraft has seen more than 157,000 hours flown and has trained an astounding 1400 plus fast jet pilots. These jets have the nickname The Sabre Slayer due to the amount of F-86 Sabre aircraft shot down in the 1965 war in Pakistan and received great credit for doing so. There were a couple of other aircraft present at the event and these began with the World War II Supermarine Spitfire, the British single-seat fighter aircraft called The Hurricane which took up 60% of the RAF’s air victories in WWII and the Lancaster bomber which is one of two fully airworthy aircrafts of its type.


There was a show of weaponry where the public got to interact with serving armed force members and the weapons that are used day-to-day. Charities such as Scotty’s Little Soldiers who help young children who have lost a parent in the Armed Forces, Help for Heroes and the Poppy Appeal all attended the event in the hope of raising awareness and money for their good causes.

The event hosted a range of different stage acts such as music from Luciee Closier, a finalist from BBC1’s The Voice talent show and the aspiring opera singer Marilena Gant.

Billericay IT attended the show and took some photos and some videos to help capture the day for those that were unable to attend – you can see one of the flypasts.

After the whole weekend event it is said to have raised an amazing £10,000+ and at least £3000+ for the other charities that attended.

The next big local event is being held on the 29th June at Battersea Park in London and is planned to have the London Regiment, the Royal British Legion, the Army Cadets and the Sea Cadets attending!

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