Automatically Stop Spam Entering Your Inbox!


Automatically Stop Spam Entering Your Inbox!

With the creation of email, came the creation of junk and spam mail – both a email_spam_solutioncommon problem for businesses and home users.

Our inboxes are frequently bombarded with junk mail containing unsolicited advertisements, and spam emails with malicious intent. Many of us spend too much time trying to unclutter inboxes, filtering through junk emails, and wasting valuable time that could be better used to further your own business.

How Do You Stop Spam Emails?

There are multiple ways of preventing or limiting unwanted spam from entering your email’s inbox. Spam solutions are necessary if you want to protect yourself from emails containing malicious content, such as viruses, key-loggers and scam mail. There are a number of solutions, ranging from simple (suitable for the home user) to complex spam solutions for businesses.

The easiest way to prevent yourself receiving spam is to keep your email as private as possible.

Be careful what websites you sign your email up to. Ask yourself before you sign up whether or not you would like to receive further emails from this site, and whether you trust the site with your email (some businesses sell your email information to other businesses).

If the answer to either of these questions are false, you have two options:

  • Avoid registering your email address with website that you are uncertain of.
  • Use an alternative email address that you can use for spam and junk mail.

Another easy solution to limit spam is to let your email provider know what emails you’re receiving are indeed spam, usually most email systems, have an option to mark a particular email as spam, as this will prevent you from receiving similar mail in the future.

Spam Solutions for Businesses

More often than not, spam emails from more legitimate businesses, will include a link to unsubscribe, although this takes time to do, it can be worth it since it will prevent you from receiving further emails from the same company.

An alternative solution to spam mail – although more complex – is to use a secure email provider that offers built-in security and anti-spam features for its users.

We offer anti-spam and anti-virus solutions that filter through spam mail and prevent any unsolicited emails from entering your inbox.

This service is available to home users and businesses with their own domain name. If you’re looking to prevent spam and protect your inbox and would like to know more, you can call us.

email_protectionOur final suggestion would be to use a professional encrypted email solution. When you encrypt your email address, it will become coded, preventing external sources from reading it as it travels through the net. These are generally referred to as SSL Certificates.

Email encryption will make it more difficult for spam to reach your inbox as your email address is protected.

We understand that filtering through unsolicited mail can be burdensome, that’s why we offer anti-spam protection as a service for businesses and home users alike. To find out more about our spam solutions and how we can tailor them to your requirements, contact us.

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